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Everything on this website is copyright © Jason Goodman 2004-2018. All rights are reserved. That means that you can’t use any of the text or images elsewhere without getting my permission first. Please contact me if you’d like to do this.

How I use your data

When you visit this website, I collect certain data about your visit including the pages you visit, the browser and operating system you’re using, your IP address and the pages you access. I also use cookies in combination with Google Analytics to conduct more advanced analysis of user activity. This is all to allow me to understand how visitors use this website, where they come from and which articles and photos are most popular.

If you submit a comment, you may provide your name and email address. I will retain these details to allow me to respond to your comment. Your name and comment, and any other details you choose, will be published on the website and will be publicly visible.

I will not use your data for any other purpose and I will not sell your details to any third parties.

GPX files

I provide GPX (GPS xml) files to download for some of the walks I’ve blogged about. These have been recorded by my own device as I’ve walked the trails. While I try to correct any obvious errors I’ve noticed, the files are provided ‘as is’, with no warranty or guarantee. They may well not be accurate, precise, correct or safe to follow. Do not rely on them for navigation. Always plan your route in advance with the appropriate map and check rights of way. Always take a map and compass with you and make sure you know how to use them. Check the weather conditions and ensure you’re adequately prepared for the day ahead. You and you alone are responsible for your safety when out hiking.


This website uses cookies to store information relevant to your use of this site. This helps me understand how visitors use the website, which posts are popular and which less so. You can opt out by changing the settings in your browser.

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